The Art of Home Selling: How to Prepare Your Home for a Successful Sale

A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing Your Home for Sale, by Felix Hunter

If you're reading this, you may be planning to sell your home in the near future. You probably want to get the best possible price for it, right? . One of the key factors in achieving that is ensuring that your home is in good condition and properly staged to appeal to potential buyers. As a listing real estate agent with years of experience, I've seen firsthand the importance of properly preparing a home for sale. It still surprises me to this day, that some of the simplest tweaks can make a world of difference. Buyers can be very finicky, and my job when preparing a home for sale is to envision myself as a buyer for that home. My goal is, when we've completed all these steps, is to walk through with a "buyers hat" on and be thoroughly impressed. 

I'll share some tips and strategies for getting your home ready to sell:

Start with a deep clean

The first step in preparing your home for sale is to give it a thorough cleaning. This includes not only the usual dusting and vacuuming, but also deep cleaning tasks such as scrubbing the bathrooms and kitchen, washing windows, and steam cleaning carpets. A clean home not only looks better to potential buyers but also gives the impression that the home has been well-maintained. Many local cleaning companies offer this time of deep clean service, or a "move in/move out" service. It's worth every penny .

Declutter and depersonalize

When potential buyers come to view your home, they want to be able to envision themselves living there. That can be difficult to do if the home is cluttered with personal items such as family photos and knickknacks. To make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves in the space, remove as many personal items as possible and declutter each room. This will also make the home feel more spacious and open.This also applies to preparing for professional photos. I always advise my clients to remove as many personal items as possible (pictures, awards, odds and ends). The purpose of this is for buyers who are looking at your home online to not be distracted on anything in your photos, but rather really focus on the space to allow them to visualize living in it. 

Make minor repairs and updates

As mentioned above, buyers are discerning, which is ok. But repairs can be used by buyers as leverage to justify a lower offer, or they may ask the seller to repair these items if there is an accepted offer. So, I would always recommend getting ahead of it, before listing your home.This could include fixing leaky faucets, replacing broken light fixtures, and patching holes in the walls. You might also consider updating outdated fixtures or appliances, such as replacing an old dishwasher with a newer model. These updates can help your home feel more modern and well-maintained, which can be attractive to buyers.

Stage your home

This is paramount to properly showcase your home. Staging can simply involve arranging furniture and decor in a way that highlights the best features of your home and creates an inviting atmosphere. This might include rearranging furniture to make rooms feel more spacious, adding decorative touches such as throw pillows or artwork, or bringing in plants to add some natural beauty. Professional home staging is good option as well, but comes at a cost. However, the value professional staging adds to the presentation and pictures, is more often than not worth every penny, and will be reflected in the offers you receive. Either way, even small changes can make a big difference in how your home is perceived by potential buyers.

Boost curb appeal

First impressions matter. The first thing potential buyers will see when they arrive at your home is the exterior. That's why it's important to ensure that the exterior of your home is in good condition and looks inviting. This might include tasks such as painting the front door, trimming overgrown bushes, and planting some colorful flowers. You might also consider power washing the exterior of the home to give it a fresh, clean look.

Price your home appropriately

No matter how well you prepare your home for sale, if it's priced too high, it may not sell. That's why it's important to work with your experienced Real Estate Agent to determine an appropriate asking price for your home. Factors that can influence the price include the current real estate market, the condition of your home, and the location. I take great care in this part of the process, and can help you set a price that will attract potential buyers while still giving you a fair return on your investment.

Market your home effectively

Once your home is ready to sell, it's time to start marketing it to potential buyers. This is where I shine, using every available means to market your home effectively. What we can't control is the market, but as a listing agent- I firmly believe in taking full advantage of all strategies I can control. This might include listing your home on multiple real estate websites, sharing it on all my social media, creating targeted ads, and sending strategic postcards to neighbours who may be in the market or know someone who is . The Open House is the big game day, and as an experienced listing agent I do a great deal of work before the first open house. Anticipation should be created, and when the first open house is scheduled, it's show time. 

Preparing your home for sale can take some effort, but it's worth it if you want to get the best possible price for your home. By following these tips and strategies, you can ensure that your home is in good condition, properly staged, and marketed effectively. A well-prepared home is more likely to attract potential buyers and sell quickly, which can save you time, money, and stress in the long run.

Remember, the goal of preparing your home for sale is to create a space that appeals to potential buyers and helps them envision themselves living there. By decluttering, deep cleaning, making minor repairs, and staging your home, you can create an inviting and attractive environment that makes a great first impression. In addition, setting an appropriate asking price and marketing your home effectively can help generate interest and bring in more potential buyers.

If you're unsure where to start, or if you want more personalized advice on preparing your home for sale, please give me (Felix) a call for a no obligation consultation. I can provide valuable insights into your local real estate market, help you set a fair asking price, and develop a marketing strategy that will attract potential buyers. With the right preparation and guidance, we can sell your home quickly and for the best possible price.

Felix Hunter